Your new school website includes content that's relevant to your school and can be easily changed at any time.

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Customize your new website with just a few mouse clicks - or we do this for you. Includes newsletters, parent information, pupils achievements, policies, prospectus, e-safety, class and staff profiles, PTA information and events, term dates and calendar dates etc.


Reduce your costs with Primary School Moodle e-Learning, an open source interactive VLE package for on-line learning (Open source software is Free with only set-up costs)

Add Features

Options include features such as social media links to Twitter and Facebook, news services etc.


Your new school website includes content that's relevant to your school and can be easily changed at any time.

Domain Change

Domain transfer is simple and accomplished in a few easy steps if needed, or we can set-up a new domain name like and arrange hosting for you too


All software is open source - you are not "locked in" to School Website Now - you can change your website supplier easily if you are not satisfied, we are confident that you will be thrilled and delighted with the end results and on-going support that we provide at School Website Now


24x7 Support for domain server, hosting, software configuration, software support, content uploading and management and all aspects of your school website etc from our School Website Now Support team


Your new school website includes content that's relevant to your school and can be easily changed at any time.

Website Templates

We create a Website for your school, customize the color scheme and populate with graphics that ensures a completely unique look. Includes 30 generic pages that you can keep, modify or replace as you please (or we do this for you).

Location with Google® Maps

Your visitors will be able to find you easily with Google Maps in your contact page!


Turn your website into a popular source of information. Provide your visitors with copies of your school newsletter.

Flash movies / YouTube

Bring your website to life by integrating videos from YouTube or videos and games in the Flash format in a single click.

Online Documents

Save yourself the trouble of sending out large documents - give your staff, pupils, parents and governors the ability to receive key documents online

Picture Gallery

Showcase pupil achievements, show a gallery of key events, sports and school visits

Bespoke Designs

Choose one of many exclusive website designs - from classic to modern, and ensure a unique design for your website. All the details can be easily changed on each template, from the color scheme to the menu structure


Key school events, sports, parent meetings, PTA events etc can be maintained for staff, pupils and parents


Add-in optional features for an even more successful school website.

Parents Forum

Improve parental engagement with a parents forum that can be moderated by you at school. A forum where parents could ask questions of other parents

Moodle e-Learning

Moodle can be integrated into your school website. Moodle e-Learning is a course management system (CMS) a free, open source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities




Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)

Incorporate Twitter & Facebook on your website and create instant messaging! Enable your visitors to easily recommend your website, making it accessible to an even larger audience. Welcome to Web 2.0!

Web and Email Addresses

For your unique address on the internet, use the name of your school,Create professional E-mail addresses that correspond to your web address. If you prefer to continue using an existing E-mail system, creating a redirect to your custom address is simple!